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Food grade flooring – simply the best

There is no choice when it comes to food grade flooring. You must have the best otherwise you risk a range of hazards:

  • Safety dangers caused by surface inconsistencies
  • Health dangers caused by tiny cracks and fissures
  • Non compliance with HACCP Food Safety Regulations
  • Trouble with insurance claims (if your floors do not meet OH&S standards)

Balancing the demands of food manufacturing with the need for high quality food grade flooring presents a challenge to many companies. This is particularly true when manufacturers are in a growth stage.

We have often seen companies experience meteoric growth when their product gains traction within a supermarket chain or other commercial environment. Another thing we regularly see is that food grade floor selection is often overlooked or under budgeted.

This can lead to serious, long term risk and enormous cost to your business down the track.

We solve your food flooring needs

Food Flooring has its name for a good reason. Our dedicated area of expertise is providing the best quality food grade flooring. And because of our commitment to this specialist field, we understand the challenges you face when it comes to the time, budget and logistics of floor installation. You will receive:

  • The benefit of many years experience with a range of private food labels
  • Expertise with wide range of manufacturing processes
  • Industry assessment and recommendations tailored to your business
  • Awareness of all OH&S and Food Safety Regulations
  • Installation that comes in on time and on budget
  • Advice about every aspect of food grade flooring so this investment lasts a life time

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