Industrial flooring lays the foundation for FMCG manufacturing longevity

If you are involved in large scale food manufacturing, you know that this kind of manufacturing presents its own set of unique problems. When it comes to sanitary and non slip flooring solutions to make sure your operation is safe and clean you should only employ professionals with experience in your industry.

Food Flooring are the experts in industrial flooring solutions for the food industry and the only flooring contractors who specialise in this area. We understand the strain that large scale manufacture can place on floors and we will tailor a solution to meet the unique challenges that your business presents. The type of product you manufacture creates specific problems in terms of flooring. Our products can be tailored to suit the demands of the environments your manufacturing process requires, whether they be processing and packaging floors, wet areas, storage areas, cool rooms, freezers or other conditions specific to your business.

Food Flooring provides industrial flooring that:

  • withstands vigorous cleaning procedures
  • withstands hot water, steam and harsh cleaning chemicals
  • meets food processing standards and regulations
  • withstands high traffic flows of people, forklifts and other machinery
  • lasts longer and wears better than other flooring solutions
  • meets all safety and hygiene regulations

Specialists in factory shutdown installations

For large scale food manufacturing the only time to arrange industrial flooring upgrades or installation is during seasonal shutdown. After years of close association with FMCG manufacturing, Food Flooring identified this as a crucial service area.

Read more here about our expert factory shutdown (LINK TO PAGE 2.3) services and how we can ensure your downtime is used wisely, with an industrial flooring investment that will add years of value to your business.

Food Flooring has the solution to your flooring problem. Contact us today to find out more.

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