Sanitary Flooring

Hygienic flooring essentials

Hygienic flooring and manufacturing conditions are essential for any business involved in the handling or manufacture of food products. The greatest danger lies in contamination of food products through bacteria.

Flooring areas can provide fissures and pores where bacteria can breed, creating a health hazard. Food Flooring are well versed in food safety standards and HACCP and can recommend a floor that provides a safe and hygienic surface appropriate for food manufacturing.

Food Flooring understand the rigorous cleaning procedures practiced in food manufacturing, processing and retailing operations and provide flooring solutions that will withstand even the harshest cleaning regime. We will design a floor that works with your cleaning procedures to minimise difficulty and ensure access to necessary areas.

Protect your workers and customers with hygienic flooring and floor coating:

  • Resistant to range of chemicals
  • Non slip surface
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable to high traffic and abrasion
  • Range of colours and finishes available
  • Anti Mircobial

Food Flooring are the specialists in flooring solutions for the food industry and will tailor a flooring solution to meet your specific hygiene needs.

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