Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring can be seen all around us in our everyday activities: from the housing of your computer screen or the office chair you may be sitting on to the waste paper bin at your feet. Epoxy is the term used to describe plastic in its liquid form. Epoxy is mixed onsite, and while in its liquid form has a highly adhesive quality. Once the epoxy is applied to the substrate it cures to form a hard, durable surface.

Epoxy is a versatile substance and there are a wide range of epoxy chemicals with different properties that can be used for diverse applications. Colour and textured profiles can also be added to create a seamless flooring system to meet your unique requirements.

Epoxy flooring is the traditional method of flooring in the food industry and is widely used in food processing and manufacturing environments. Some of the key benefits of epoxy flooring are:

  • apply or form in a wide variety of thicknesses, colours and textures
  • proven long lasting and hard wearing material
  • easily withstands food industry processing and cleaning procedures
  • cost effective material when used for suitable applications.

Food Flooring supply well known epoxy flooring products from manufacturers like BASF, SIKA and Parchem. Epoxy may be suitable for your installation. Food Flooring will thoroughly assess your individual requirements and recommend the appropriate product for your needs.

Food Flooring are specialists in epoxy flooring for the food industry. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make the right flooring decision for your business.

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