Wet & Dry Environments

High traffic flooring for wet and dry processing

Food processing and manufacturing can expose floors to all kinds of solids and liquids, chemicals and detergents, and extremes of temperature. Operational performance requires a high traffic flooring solution that meets the demands of daily routines. Safety requirements mean you also have to install flooring that copes with high traffic and reduces the risk of accidents.

When flooring problems go unattended

Floors should be the last thing to worry about during food processing. Unfortunately if you never think about flooring you are exposing staff and premises to a slow build up of potentially huge and costly problems. Long term issues that can affect flooring include:

  • slippery floors
  • corroding concrete
  • existing holes
  • development of new holes
  • build up of grease and grime

Food Flooring can assist in identifying problem areas before they arise. A consultation with us saves you time, money and stress in the long term. We provide high traffic flooring solutions that specifically address the daily demands of your environment.

  • High-strength applications for high impact and heavy traffic zones
  • Smooth or mild non-slip applications for non-traffic areas – drastically reduces cleaning and maintenance
  • Non-slip surfaces for pedestrian and process staff
  • Coloured and zoned specific floorings
  • High-resistance applications for extremes of heat and chemical and acidic attack that can result from the manufacturing process

Food Flooring are the experts in flooring solutions for the food industry. We look forward to assisting you.

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