NMIT Epping Campus

Business summary: The meat processing training facility at NMIT’s Epping Campus teaches all aspects of meat preparation and storage. It is subject to heavy foot and trolley traffic, and also includes cool rooms and freezers.
Area size: 750m2

The challenge: NMIT needed a long term flooring solution to withstand traffic heavy day to day operations. The floor would be exposed to extreme cold, heat, high volume foot and trolley traffic, cleaning detergents, fats and oils. It needed to be slip resistant and provide a clean, attractive finish. Water run off and ease of cleaning was a top priority – to eliminate any chance of cross-contamination.

Food Flooring solution: This sizeable floor area had to be thoroughly prepared (the quality of a finished floor is only as good as the level of preparation). We used the latest technology in diamonds and grinding machines. Drains, strip drains and expansion joints (the weakest parts of any floor) were jack hammered out. Expansion joints and heat strips in the floor below the freezer doors were treated with epoxy to ensure maximum strength and smoothness. We used Ucrete DP10 – a top level polyurethane product with superior strength and non-slip properties. For that extra level of cleanliness we installed boot washes made from epoxy and concrete.

The results: NMIT has a smooth, non-slip floor in an appealing red finish. Its strength and smoothness ensures the integrity and high cleanliness standards of this high traffic facility. With a 10 year product guarantee, this meat processing facility is now set for many years to come.

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