Castricum Brothers

Castricum Brothers Abattoir:

Business summary: Castricum Brothers Abbatoir in Dandenong required a long term flooring solution for their kill floor.

Area Size: 350m2

The challenge: The biggest challenge for this job was installation time. The abbatoir had a 6 day production schedule and couldn’t afford extra down time. In terms of the product, the main issues were heat exposure and slip resistance.

Food Flooring solution: We are the shutdown specialists. We planned the installation for a 4 day Easter weekend. This meant we had to work quickly and efficiently in order to complete this huge undertaking. Our commitment is always to meet and exceed customer expectations and work in line with existing demands and schedules. The job was completed on time, to our usual high standard.

Results: The installation of Ucrete DP30 6mm met all client requirements for quick, high quality and long lasting flooring. This product has R13 slip resistance and high temperature resistance. Meeting the tight turnaround and providing the best quality product for the facility meant that the client was very satisfied – they didn’t suffer any unnecessary down time and got a long term, reliable flooring solution.

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