Daniel and David de Wit had an early start in the flooring industry, assisting their father on weekends and during school holidays as part of his contracting company. By their late teens they had already developed specific knowledge on products, preparation and application methods within the industry.

In later years, both brothers were employed in the pre-cast concrete industry. After only three years in the industry Daniel had been appointed foreman overseeing all production and his younger brother David was by now demonstrating his quality tradesman’s skills and attention to detail. The knowledge gained in concrete types, strengths, and applications would prove an asset in the future.

Both Daniel and David eventually returned to the flooring industry, working as foremen for various companies in Australia and overseas. They have a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the industry, whether it is the type of preparation equipment to purchase, vehicle design and arrangement, products or systems to use. The experience gained during this time has been invaluable in adding to their experience and knowledge.

Today they have an established identity within the food industry, specialising in every aspect of advice, design and quality installation of food industry specific flooring.

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